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Q. What does the LightningAir do?
A. It purifies the air in your home or office by breaking down pollutants.

Q. How does the LightningAir purify air?
A. The LightningAir reproduces the same effective cleansing agents that nature uses to purify the air.

Q. Is the LightningAir an ionic purifier?
A. Yes. The LightningAir uses a special negative ion generator with dual needle points to produce the ions. The ions cause dust and other particles to precipitate out of the air.

Q. How does nature produce ions?
A. Negative ions are created naturally by waterfalls, ocean waves and changes in the weather.

Q. How does activated oxygen work?
A. The LightningAir uses electricity to split oxygen O2 molecules into single O atoms which attach loosely to other O2 molecules to become O3 (activated oxygen). This loosely attached oxygen atom is unstable and seeks out chemical compounds and other pollutants and oxidizes them on contact.

Q. How does nature produce activated oxygen?
A. Ozone is created electrically during active thunderstorms. The electrical discharge creates a fresh clean smell that is very distinctive. Ozone is also created by ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Q. How do I know activated oxygen is being produced?
A. Ozone has a very distinctive smell. So the best indication is your nose. You should notice a very fresh clean smell in your home or office.

Q. Is ozone safe?
A. Yes, but as with anything, moderation is the key. Ozone in high concentrations can be irritating to mucous membranes and the respiratory system. If you smell Ozone and you walk into the room turn the purifier down. If you smell household odors you may turn it up for a period of time. Click here to learn more about Ozone.

Q. What is an ozone alert?
A. Ozone is an indicator of pollution. In cities there are alerts as a result of high pollution levels from hydrocarbons produced by the burning of fossil fuels. When ultraviolet rays from the sun strike the hydrocarbons, O3 is one of the byproducts. Ozone can be easily detected and normally means there is also a high level of particulate in the air.

Q. How does it compare to air filters?

A. LightningAir does not rely on the air to actually pass through the machine to be cleaned like conventional air filters. It's not a filter at all. The LightningAir produces negative ions that cause particles to drop out of the air space. In addition, it has a built in sanitizer that attacks odor and other problem areas at their source.

Q. What maintenance is required?
A. The plates in the back are easily removed for cleaning. Simply wash the plates with soap and water, dry completely and replace.

Q. Where should I place the LightningAir in my home or office?
A. The LightningAir should be placed a few feet off the floor in the room where you have the most pollutants. The LightningAir is easy to move so you might want to try it in a couple of locations to help decide what works best for your environment. Some customers prefer to have more than one unit to better control air cleaning in the home.

Q. How long will the LightningAir last?

A. The LightningAir is made of stainless steel and solid wood construction. Because of the quality material and superior craftsmanship that goes into each and every LightningAir, you will enjoy it for many years.

Q. Is it difficult to install?
A. No. Just plug it in and set the dial for the area you will be treating. Install the LightningAir in any room, but try to find a place where it can be up off the ground four feet or more.

O3 or ozone is basically supercharged oxygen. It is often referred to as ozone or activated oxygen. Regular oxygen is O2 and ozone is simply O3. Nature regularly transforms oxygen into ozone through forces such as lightning and ultra-violet light striking the earth. After a short period of time the ozone reverts back to regular oxygen at ground level. Click here to learn more about ozone.
Click here for a more detailed video and the immediate results you will see.
Our state of the art purifier generates both negative ions and activated oxygen for your home or office. Before the LightningAir was introduced, we looked to Nature. Now the LightningAir provides the same process as Nature, reducing odors and purifying the air indoors.

Waterfalls are a good example of nature creating negative ions.

Negative Ions cause dust and other particles to fall out of the air. Most indoor particles that are airborne tend to be positively charged. Negative ions will give some of the particles a negative charge. The positive and negative particles then combine with each other become heavy and fall to the ground.

Nature is constantly creating negative ions to clear the air. Some examples are waterfalls, waves crashing on the beach and changes in the weather. The LightningAir accomplishes this natural process by employing a special negative ion generator.

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