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Choose the LightningAir Purifier That Best Suits Your Needs.Click the links below to learn more about the product. Click here to see a comparison chart.

The LightningAir Plus The LightningAir PLUS,
SPX Series

Perfect for the home or office...
Bring the freshness of the mountains into your home.
The LightningAir Industrial Cleaner The LightningAir Industrial Cleaner

Made for commercial application...
The ultimate air cleaner for professionals.

Click here for a more detailed video and the immediate results you will see.
"Our family is totally pleased with our units. It has helped with allergies and our family sleeps better when the purifier is running."
Sheila Amstutz
Howe, Indiana

"I love the LightningAir. It has helped a lot with family allergies. My family doesn't suffer like before because we have the unit in our home."
Vivian Burns
Round Rock, TX

"We love it! We have dogs, it helps fight dander & odor!"
Thomas Miller
Charlevoix MI

Click here for more testimonials.

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