This is the Home page screen! Next you select Settings



Next Select your Network Settings



You can select Wi-Fi or use an Ethernet Cable connected to your router.
If you used an Ethernet Cable! You do not need to go into Network Settings.


If you are going to use your Wi-Fi, you need to login to your Wi-Fi network.



Then use your remote to type in your password and select Next press OK


Next press your Back button on your remote control and return the Home Page Screen.


Next Select the Big Button [ K ] for Kodi, or Media Center button it is the same thing.



This is main page for the program KODI NO LIMITS Build [ K ] all Video media and more!
Next from here press your center OK Button on your remote to Select MOVIES



Next from here press your center OK Button on your remote to Select Exodus Redux Movies:



Select sub menu name " In Theaters " and press the OK button once and you will see the page below.



Now Select new Movie "6 Underground 2019" and press the OK button on your remote and wait!



Next you will see all the different video feeds available online for the new Movie "6 Underground 2019"



As you can see there are a few available. Use you remote and select one of the 1080 feeds
press OK on your remote wait watch the busy arrows spinning around to find a good provider
NOTE: If One your Feeds Says Open Load Just press OK to Bypass it and move to the next feed.
You will not Use any of the Open Load Feeds for Free. "There is No Free Lunch!"


Next you will see your move starting to play!


As youíre watching your Movie if you want to PAUSE the Movie you press the Menu Button and select
PAUSE press your OK button, then to restart select Play and press OK. After your movie ends you press the Back button on the Remote.
 You can then Select another Movie or Exit the Kodi No Limits Build!



The Exit Kodi No Limits Build button is located in the POWER Selection Just drop down to Force Close.
Press the OK button on your remote to Exit Kodi No Limits Build!


After about 2 minutes or less you will return to the Main Home Page screen!


Thatís it, now you can press the Red power button on the Remote!
You do not have to turn the unit off, you can leave it running.


A few Does and Doníts

  • Never listen to anyone about configuring your OTT TV BOX
    that has no experience programming and configuring an OTT TV BOX!

  • Always wait for the System to Auto Clear the Cache, Packages
    and force updates on all programs before selecting a movie.


  • Sometimes you will press too many buttons to fast and the lock up Kodi.
    If the bottom Scrolling stops the program is locked up. You can then press the Home Button on your remote to return to the OTT TV BOX Home Page
    When you return to the OTT TV BOX Home Page just press the Media Center button or the Big [K] for Kodi
     the system will then Return back to Kodi or give you a message that reads.
     Kodi has stopped working do you want to wait or Close Kodi. You then select Close Kodi and press the OK button
     on your remote and you will return to the OTT TV BOX Home Page

    Once a month just unplug the A/C power connector from your OTT TV BOX and wait about 60 seconds then plug your OTT TV BOX A/C adapter cable back into the unit.
     The OTT TV BOX will refresh the Cache and restart to the Home Page.
     If you want to shut down after that just press your Red power button on your remote to turn off your OTT TV BOX!

    Enjoy your OTT TV BOX

    More updates to these instructions will be coming soon!